Posted on 4月 27, 2018

#16 Sake salon of the sake2020 project w/東光Toko

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On 26th April, the 16th sake salon of the sake2020 project was held with Mr. Kenichiro Kojima from Toko in Yamagata prefecture.

They are the 11th oldest sake brewery, established in 1957. They were unusually permitted to brew sake for the load and KAMI, spirit of Shinto, even under prohibition ordinance in the famine.




Posted on 10月 31, 2016

The 36th Japan sake tasting competition including a newly-started International category was held on 28th Oct

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The 36th Japan Sake Tasting Competition was held on 28th Oct. sponsored by Japan Sake And Shochu Makers Association at Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tokyo.
This year, the International Category is newly opened.
This will be held in English for non-Japanese speaking sake lovers!
10月28日に、日本酒造組合中央会主催で「第36回 全国きき酒選手権大会」が、シェラトン都ホテル東京にて開催されました。今年は、英語で実施される<インターナショナル部門>が新たに創設され、その記念すべき第一回目の開催となります!

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