Posted on 11月 05, 2014

Event Report: London sake night at toconoco cafe

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On 26th September, we held a sake night at Toconoco Cafe located on the Kingsland Basin, Regent’s Canal in London.


Over 30 Londoners were gathering and almost all of them had tasted sake several times.
Many Londoners told me that Japanese food ‘related’ restaurants such as Sushi, Udon and Ramen have increased in London in recent years.
It looks like the interests and concerns in Japanese food and sake are growing.


We made the presentation of 7 bottles of sake from 3 breweries with special nibbles and self rolling sushi.
Each of them have their caracters on taste, flaver and touch and that surprised and delighted guests.

Thank you very much all for coming and support!



Posted on 11月 01, 2014

Event Report: Sake with Italian cuisine

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On 30th October, Domenica D’oro and Tokyo saketen held the fourth Sake with Italian cuisine event!After tasting 4 types of sake made from different rice, we enjoyed the special dishes and sake selected for them.

4回めの開催となりました、外苑前Domenica D’oroさんでの、イタリアン+日本酒イベント。前半に、酒米違いの日本酒テイスティングで助走してからの〜、一晩限りのスペシャルメニュー炸裂!

For the finest deer salame, we warmed Hiwata Yamahai pure rice dai-ginjyo of Omachi.For a great antipasto of rich-tasting botargo matured for 1 year, golden cuttlefish and curly kale, we served almost freezing Khaviyar, unblended sake of 19% alc. by Myoko brewery.Cheese risotto and yellowtail with a lot of fat were very good with another Hiwata Yamahai pure rice Omachi.At the end, Chateau Myoko sweet was served for a chocolate and chestnut cake with mousse mascarpone:)

極上 鹿のサラーメに日輪田の雄町山廃純米大吟醸(お燗)、濃厚カラスミとスミイカにちりめんキャベツが絡みーの、に、妙高のカハービア(キンキン)、イタリア米のチーズリゾットに、柔らかしっとり脂の北海道の鰤には、日輪田の雄町山廃純米酒。

Hiwata by Hagino Brewery
Khaviyar and Chateau Myoko by Myoko brewery


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