Event Report: Sake with Italian cuisine


On 30th October, Domenica D’oro and Tokyo saketen held the fourth Sake with Italian cuisine event!After tasting 4 types of sake made from different rice, we enjoyed the special dishes and sake selected for them.

4回めの開催となりました、外苑前Domenica D’oroさんでの、イタリアン+日本酒イベント。前半に、酒米違いの日本酒テイスティングで助走してからの〜、一晩限りのスペシャルメニュー炸裂!

For the finest deer salame, we warmed Hiwata Yamahai pure rice dai-ginjyo of Omachi.For a great antipasto of rich-tasting botargo matured for 1 year, golden cuttlefish and curly kale, we served almost freezing Khaviyar, unblended sake of 19% alc. by Myoko brewery.Cheese risotto and yellowtail with a lot of fat were very good with another Hiwata Yamahai pure rice Omachi.At the end, Chateau Myoko sweet was served for a chocolate and chestnut cake with mousse mascarpone:)

極上 鹿のサラーメに日輪田の雄町山廃純米大吟醸(お燗)、濃厚カラスミとスミイカにちりめんキャベツが絡みーの、に、妙高のカハービア(キンキン)、イタリア米のチーズリゾットに、柔らかしっとり脂の北海道の鰤には、日輪田の雄町山廃純米酒。

Hiwata by Hagino Brewery
Khaviyar and Chateau Myoko by Myoko brewery