Organizing a SAKE2020 project seminar about the SAKE-related tourism on 7/30 / 「旅と日本酒」セミナーを開催しました

It was a great pleasure for me to organize the sake2020 project seminar titled “Sake expands opportunities of tourism in Japan” held on 30th July 2016 at DOOUJI temple in Minato-ku, Tokyo.
2016年7月30日(土)、盛夏の東京は港区 道往寺にて「SAKEで広がるニッポンの観光」セミナーを開催しました!

Over 60 participants including sake makers, travel guides, restaurant owners, local officials and so on, gathered in front of Amida Nyorai (Amitabha Tathagata) to hear real stories about sake-related tourism.

The seminar comprises a keynote, a panel discussion and the gathering.

At the keynote, Ms. Toshie Hiraide, an authority of SAKE brewery tourism, told us her story, achievement and suggestion for the future.
基調講演「酒蔵ツーリズム 現状と今後の展望」では、酒蔵ツーリズムの第一人者、平出淑恵さん(株式会社コーポ・サチ 代表取締役、酒サムライコーディネーター)にご登壇いただき、日本酒との出会い、これまでの実績、そして愛の込もった未来への提言をお話しいただきました。

photo by Masaya Kubo

At the panel discussion, Ms. Yoko Yamamoto facilitated 5 panels, Ms. Yuki Aoi, Mr. Tylar Palma, Ms. Kaiko Hatakeyama, Mr. Naoto Wada and Ms. Toshie Hiraide.

photo by Masaya Kubo

Ms. Yoko Yamamoto is a very famous SAKE & FOOD journalist.
Ms. Yuki Aoi is an announcer and has a strength in SAKE and FOOD. She has organized sake breweries tours several times.
Mr. Tylar Palma is a contents manager and a local guide at the travel company focused on Inbound travelers from outside Japan named Inside Japan.
Ms. Kaiko Hatakeyama is working for Ishikawa Brewery located in Tokyo as a guide of the brewery tour.
Mr. Naoto Wada operates the sake tourism and consulting company named Anchorman.
山本洋子さんは、とても著名な酒食ジャーナリストでSAKE2020 Project 実行委員でもあります。
Tyler Palmaさんは、年間10,000人の外国人旅行者に日本の魅力を伝えるツアーを企画・実行しているInside Japan Tours社のコンテンツマネジャー兼ガイドです。
和田直人さんは、株式会社アンカーマン 代表取締役として、インバウンド向け酒蔵ツアー&酒蔵向けの経営コンサルティングをされています。

Each panels have various experiences and findings in SAKE-related tourism. We could realize SAKE is not just an alcoholic beverage but also would be the key contents of Japanese culture.

After the keynote and the panel discussion, we had a gathering to communicate with participants and speakers. The delicious sakes and dishes helped us to talk straight!

photo by Masaya Kubo

I believe there is plenty of room for growth of SAKE as the contents. Sake related tourism is also.
I hope more people will join this opportunities with passion.
「旅と日本酒」のコンテンツ力はまだまだ未開拓、可能性はもっともっと広がりそうです。SAKE2020 Projectとしても、今後も様々な事例や課題の共有や、発見の機会を設けていきたいと思います!

Thank you for the good article and photos, 酒蔵プレス.