Visiting Heiwa brewery in Wakayama

The beautiful gate of Heiwa brewery, it was built as a temple.

Heiwa ( means “peace” ) Shuzo Co., Ltd. is brewing plum wine “Tsuru-Ume”, sake “KID 紀土” and beer in Kainan city, Wakayama prefecture. The climate of Wakayama is generally mild because this area is surrounded by warm sea current called “Kuroshio” and is famous for producing plum and mandarine orange.
和歌山県海南市に、梅酒「鶴梅」、清酒「KID 紀土」、そしてクラフトビールを醸造する平和酒造さんがあります。和歌山は黒潮(暖流)に囲まれた温暖な気候で、梅やみかんの産地としても有名ですね!

The sake brand “KID” was produced in 2007 by Mr. Norimasa Yamamoto, the fourth generation. He graduated from Kyoto University with a degree in economics, worked at a human resource venture company for 2 years and came back to his family brewery.
清酒ブランド「KID 紀土」は、平和酒造4代目の山本典正さんによって、2007年に誕生しました。山本さんは京都大学経済学部卒業後、2年間の東京の人材系ベンチャー企業勤務を経て、ご実家の酒蔵に戻られました。

He and his team have been struggling to be a continuing successful manufacturing company of a new era. Now, their hard experience for several years brought them economical and reputational success. The sales of KID have been increased 15 times from the beginning and now they won several sake awards at both of domestic and international competitions.
山本さんは、蔵人たちと共に、これからの時代において成功し続けることができる「ものづくり」の会社はどう在るべきかを考え続け、様々な取り組みを実践してきました。数年に及ぶ挑戦を経て今、セールス面でも品質面でも成功を収めています。「KID 紀土」の売り上げは事業開始時の15倍となり、国内外の定評のある鑑評会で数々の賞を獲得しています。

at Kainan station. Kainan city faces the sea.

Heiwa brewery is located the mountain side of Kainan city and surrounded in their rice field where YAMADA-NISHIKI is cultivated!

Heiwa’s YAMADA-NISHIKI rice, just before the harvest


My first impression of the brewery was that’s very clean and bright. Many illumination were lighting all things in the room. The floor was well polished and I could not find any dust on it. The wooden parts were coating with persimmon tannin.

All goods are placed right and tidy. Marks, memos and documents were easy to understand. I believe it makes brewers easy to do their working.

And I felt very comfortable to be there because all Heiwa’s people were greeting with smile when we met. There was a very nice atmosphere. It should be quite in the nature of things that the taste of KID is clean, fresh and well-balanced.

Actually, the brewer workers at Heiwa are younger than other sake breweries. The young woman on the picture below just joined Heiwa in April this year. Heiwa is rare sake brewery they are hiring new graduates every year. The average age is said to be under 30.

Mr. Hidemichi Shibata is Toji, the master of sake brewer of Heiwa. He manages all of the brewing. He has been improving the brewing process to be more efficient and easer to understand. This brought the brewers better working environment. And Heiwa has some On the Job Training programs for them to be substitution of all sake brewing process.

Heiwa has increased their production, so they have just extended the brewery space this year! They got new tanks and a new MURO, a koji making room. That means we will have more KID sake for the future:)


Plum wine are produced under the sun

Heiwa’s plum grove


Heiwashuzo Co., Ltd.
119 Mizonokuchi Kainan city, Wakayama pref. 640-1172
〒640-1172 和歌山県海南市溝ノ口119番地