Warm sake to the world – SAKE Scene 〼福 masufuku –

Warm sake is good to be served with a shallow cup.(๑´ㅂ`๑)  At first, we can select today’s my cup from many and put it on a wooden square box called ‘masu’.
そう、お燗酒は平盃でいただくのが美味しいのです!(๑´ㅂ`๑) 〼福さんでは最初に幾つかの平盃から自分の好みのものを選び、それをオリジナルの酒枡の上に置いて、お酒をいただきます。

We started from cold & hot sake tasting set. We could find differences between a cold sake and a warm sake using a same sake. RYU tasted tightening, fresh and green when it’s served cold and became light and soft like a gently flowery spice cake when it’s served warm. And OHROKU it’s stored in -5 degree for 2 years after pressing had interesting layers of acidity and thickness when it’s served cold. And these were united when it’s served warm.

ALL sake under a charm by Takagi were attractive and unique. Time flied so quickly when we were chatting and enjoying very delicious dishes they were well with sake.

And we enjoyed beautiful sake cups.

Their project has just started and will soon go into full swing. I have expectations about their future!

SAKE Scene 〼福
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