Sake Historia #3 – Mr. Senzaburo Miura and Hiroshima’s sake

Mr. Haruo Matsuzaki, Mr. Tatsuya Ishikawa from Taketsuru, Ms. Miho Imada from Fukucho, Mr.Shigeru Mukuda from Kamotsuru

On 1st September, The sake 2020 project held the sake event named ‘Sake Historia’ #3 with the aim to learn about modern history of sake, because the foundation of sake of today has been established at that time.

We focused Mr. Senzaburo Miura(1847〜1908), the great man of the Meiji era and Hiroshima’s sake.

Mr. Miura wad born in a big general store, but he started his own business of brewing sake in 1876. After 4 years of big failure, he found that the water of Hiroshima does not fit with the way of sake brewing of the day.null

Mr. Haruo Matsuzaki told about Mr. Senzabuto Miura’s life and his sprit.
Mr. Tatsuya Ishikawa, great TOJI of Taketsuru sake brewing company, told about the strength of Hiroshima’s sake.
Panel discussion
Delicious cheese
Kamitsuru GOLD

Mr. John Gauntner


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