#21 Sake salon of the sake2020 project w/福光屋 FUKUMITSUYA

The 21st sake salon of SAKE2020 project was held on 29th November with the great guests from 福光屋 FUKUMITSUTA, Kanazawa!

Fukumitsuya founded in 1625 is the oldest brewery in Kanazawa city, located on the coast of the Sea of Japan in Ishikawa prefecture.
Fukumitsuya is a “traditional sake brewery,” meaning that all of its sake is made by hand using sake making skills and methods that have been passed down from generation to generation.
At the same time, the brewery is dedicated to continuous innovation to create the highest quality sake from nature for its customers. Since 1960, the brewery has been closely cooperating with their sake rice farmers to produce the best premium sake rice for their sake.

The mineral water to brew their delicious sake comes from “Hyakunensui,” which is water that has come from rain and snow at Mt. Hakusan and over hundreds of years has slowly filtered through the ground becoming rich in minerals that aid in the fermentation process and are essential for producing great tasting sake.

In 2001, Fukumitsuya became the first major brewer to produce only “Junmai sake,” which is sake made solely from natural ingredients consisting of the finest quality sake rice and mineral water. Fukumitsuya is also famous for being one of the leading breweries to also make mature, aged sake.

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