Posted on 3月 14, 2019

4/11開催 SAKE TALK #2 @目黒

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*English follows Japanese

今回は厳選された素材と調理法で、パコーンと手軽に開けて食べられちゃう「缶つま」のアレンジレシピとともに、Sake Pairing を楽しみます。



・Sake pairing (お酒は4−5種類をアレンジしていきます)

2000円 ←ワイン・ビールも飲みたい、試したい、など、持ち込み大歓迎です!! 


SAKE has been made for over 1300 years in historical culture and Japan’s unique climatic climate.
Pairing food with sake is a great way to add an extra dimension to any sake experience. Sake is very versatile and goes well with most types of cuisine, but food pairing can still sometimes be a bit of a tricky art.

In this event, I will introduce you basic sake pairing tips and prepare various taste of sake and food arranged from Japanese special canning ‘Kan-tsuma缶つま’.
Let’s find out your best sake paring!

*Basic sake pairing tips 
*Sake pairing : Over 12 patterns using 4-5 sakes.

JPY 2,000 each

Please contact me by Contact
Limited to 8 people.

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